Aquaforest Nitrogen Boost 200 ml

Aquaforest Nitrogen Boost 200 ml

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AF N Boost



Professional easily absorbable nitrogen fertilizer for aquatic plants. Nitrogen is one of the most important macronutrients necessary for plants. The presence of nitrogen influences growth of the plant, its propagation and green coloration of leaves. Proper supplementation of nitrogen is essential as both deficiency and excess may be detrimental to plants. Nitrogen deficiency causes growth inhibition, chlorosis and yellowing of the leaves, and further browning. The excess, on the other hand, is manifested by excessive growth, dark green leaves, while the plant is very delicate and less resistant to mechanical damage. The appropriate level of nitrate in the plant aquarium should be 10-20 mg/l. Nitrogen is absorbed by plants mainly in the form of nitrate and ammonium. AF N Boost contains mineral nitrogen forms that are well absorbed by aquatic plants.


10 ml of AF N Boost dissolved in 100 l of water raises the nitrate level by 9.5 mg/l. Recommended parallel use with AF Micro, AF PO4 Boost, and AF K Boost. Do not use with other nitrogen-containing formulas due to the risk of plant overgrowth and algae bloom.


Doziranje: 10 ml / 100 L zviša koncentracijo NO3 za 9,5 mg/L.


Pakiranje: 200 ml

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