JBL Solar Marin Blue T5 Ultra 438 mm-24 W

JBL Solar Marin Blue T5 Ultra 438 mm-24 W

Sijalka za osvetlitev morskega ali "Malawi" akvarija.
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JBL Solar Marin Blue T5 Ultra


Promotes coral growth
Solar Marin Blue promotes coral growth in marine aquariums. In addition it is the ideal night lighting for nocturnal animals. Combined with Solar Marin Day, it is the ideal lighting for marine aquariums.


  • Fluorescent tube Solar with actinic spectrum for corals in marine aquariums
  • Easy to install: insert fluorescent T5 tube socket into the fixture and turn until the tube locks into place
  • The actinic blue light beautifully emphasizes the luminousness of the corals
  • Ideal night lighting to observe nocturnal animals in freshwater aquariums and terrariums
  • Package contents: fluorescent tube Solar. With life span of at least 12 months. Incl. reminder label for replacement

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