Aquaforest Plankton Elixir

Aquaforest Plankton Elixir

Čisti tekoči plankton za ribe in korale.
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18,90 €

Aquaforest Plankton Elixir


Liquid feed for ornamental fish, corals and invertebrates. Thanks to the high content of saturated omega-3, EPA, DHA and SDA fatty acids, astaxanthin and carotenoids, it has a great impact on the correct growth of fish and invertebrates, giving them beautiful coloration. It strengthens resistance to stress, disease, facilitates proper travel of shrimp and other invertebrates. We recommend feeding in small portions once a day.


Once opened store in fridge.


Sestava: Calanus finmarchicus, Mysis relicta, water, antioxidant.

Analiza: Protein: 19,60%, fat: 8,0%, ash: 2,0%, fiber 0.65%.


Količina: 250 ml

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