Eheim aquaCare 250 ml

Eheim aquaCare 250 ml

Sredstvo za pripravo vode, nevtralizacijo težkih kovin in drugih škodljivih elementov.



EHEIM water care products support the technology – on a natural basis and without aggressive chemicals.


Our water care products consist mainly of microbiological substances, as they occur in nature. This means careful handling of the vital element of animals and plants. Gentle, but effective improvement of the environment, without upsetting the ecological balance.


Please remember that: With everything you add to the water, you can change its texture. Proceed with caution. Less is often more.


For binding heavy metals and harmful substances in tap water


Treatment of the tap water for natural water quality, immediate binding of harmful substances such as chlorine and heavy metals, enrichment of the water with valuable vitamins for stress reduction and the protection of mucous membranes.

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