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Giesemann Aurora V8

Giesemann Aurora V8

Najnovejša hibridna konzola z WiFi povezljivostjo.
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Giesemann Aurora V8


AURORA V8 - High power hybrid light with all extras. 10-channel control with up to 4 dimmable T-5 light groups - controllable via WLAN. High-gloss mirrored light base, active and passive cooling, high-quality aluminum body and much more


Giesemann - Quality made in Germany for almost 30 years.
We stand for quality and this is also reflected in the many details of the new AURORA V8.

High-quality surfaces, the best materials and durable electronics made in Germany.

Developed in Germany and 100% manufactured in Germany - this is what we guarantee for up to four years*.



Thanks to the new smart Giesemann lynk - Lightcontrol Wi-Fi app, the Aurora V8 can be controlled directly without any other peripherals. Use our well-thought-out presets in Easy Mode or the extensive Professional Mode.

Realistic daytime sequences with different coloured sunrises and sunsets as well as the entire range of special effects with weather simulation or a moonlight simulation with natural cycles put your aquarium in the best possible light.

The AURORA V8 has up to 10 separately controllable light groups, with each T-5 group being separately dimmable from 0-100%.Simply exchange your preferred light profile with other users via Whatsapp or e-mail. The lynk app is available for download free of charge in the Apple Store and from 07/2021 in the Google Playstore.



The combination of proven T5 and modern LED technology produces enormously high light output, which makes it possible to keep demanding stony corals (SPS) in marine aquariums.

The combination of powerful LEDs and tried-and-tested T-5 lamps and the special design of the beam angle ensures homogeneous irradiation of the corals, even from the sides.

The result is a much better light supply to the corals and an associated increased energy supply, which leads to significantly better growth of these creatures.



The combination of reliable T5 and modern LED technology produces enormously high light output, which makes it possible to keep demanding stony corals (SPS) in marine aquariums in particular.

With up to 5 powerful LED clusters, each with a maximum output of up to 95 watts, an extraordinary light yield is already achieved. These LED clusters are supplemented with up to 8 dimmable HO T-5 lamps, each dimmable in groups of 2 from 0-100%. You decide on the exact light mixture yourself.



GIESEMANN hybrid systems combine the best of both lighting worlds, namely T-5 and LED. In almost 3 years of development work, we have tried out numerous LED combinations and had them tested by experienced marine aquarium enthusiasts.

The result is an LED configuration that convinces in all points. This LED combination covers the entire light spectrum that is useful and usable for corals, from UV to different blue and cyan tones. In combination with the white light, fascinating light scenarios and very high PPFD (PAR) values are possible.

At the same time, the T5 groups ensure homogeneous illumination of the aquarium and thus prevent self-shadowing of the corals. The selection of different T-5 colour combinations provides maximum design freedom in the choice of the desired light spectrum.



  • Sizes 900, 1200 and 1500 mm (3´/4`/5`)
  • Convex design of housing and reflector surfaces
  • Anti glare diffusor shield for LED clusters
  • High-quality aluminium/magnesium housing - resistant to seawater
  • Additionally powder-coated in white high gloss or irridium fine structure
  • Built-in WIFI control for iOs and Android
  • Convenient APP with numerous control options
  • Power failure protection and data storage
  • Scope of delivery includes wire suspension with infinitely variable height and tilt adjustment
  • Scope of delivery incl. T-5 lamps in desired light colour
  • Up to 10 Manual Channels

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