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TropiDog Probiotic Harmony Small

TropiDog Probiotic Harmony Small

Posebna hrana za pse malih pasem, z izredno nagnjenostjo k stresu in težavam.
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TropiDog Probiotic Harmony Small


Every owner wants their pet to live in perfect harmony with the world around them. Unfortunately, dogs, just like us, are exposed to stress, numerous external stimuli, pollution and constant changes in the world around them. It’s quite a challenge
for a dog’s body. Moreover, we often forget or don’t realize how many situations may be stressing for the dog. It’s not just going to the veterinary clinic or car trip.

Long absence of the caregiver from home, too much noise, the arrival of new people in the house, exhaustion or insufficient time for rest… All these can cause anxiety, tension and frustration in your dog. What is stress anyway? It is a physiological and behavioural response to a threatening stress stimulus. While short-term stress can be positive and mobilizes the body to action, chronic stress has a detrimental effect on the functioning of the body. Constantly high levels of stress hormones in the body cause irreversible changes. In some parts of the brain, neurons may atrophy and the ability to form neural connections may weaken.

Stress also has a negative impact on your dog’s immune system. Prolonged stress causes the performance of this system to drop by up to 70%. In addition to the
immune system, the digestive system also suffers. The reason is the excessive secretion of norepinephrine, which can affect the composition of the bacterial flora and gastrointestinal motility, which in turn may result in diarrhoea.


Which dogs is tropidog probiotic line harmony for?

  • sport dogs, often going to competitions
  • working dogs
  • dogs that frequently go away with their owners on weekends, vacations, etc.
  • dogs living in big cities, exposed to various intense stimuli
  • dogs exposed to various stress situations


Complete feed for dogs of small breeds, over 10 months of age, with difficulty to adapt to changes.
Composition: dried chicken protein 20%, rice, salmon oil, spelt bran, dried salmon protein 7%, hydrolysed poultry protein, wheat germs, flaxseed 3%, dried apple, dried beetroot (natural source of fructooligosaccharides (FOS)), dried carrot, dried kelp algae Ascophyllum nodosum 1.5%, sodium polyphosphate 0.3%, marigold extract (natural source of lutein) 0.2%, red pepper extract (natural source of capsanthin) 0.2%, beta-1.3/1.6-glucan 0.1%, mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) 0.1%, yucca schidigera extract 0.1%, fish protein hydrolysate 400 mg/kg.

Additives (per kg): Nutritional additives: vitamin A 15 000 IU, vitamin D3 800 IU, vitamin E 150 mg, vitamin C 100 mg, iron (iron(II) sulphate monohydrate) 200 mg, zinc (zinc oxide) 100 mg, manganese (manganese(II) oxide) 40 mg, copper (copper(II) sulphate pentahydrate) 12 mg, iodine (coated granulated calcium iodate anhydrous) 0.9 mg, selenium (coated granulated sodium selenite) 0.1 mg, taurine 500 mg. Technological additives: antioxidants. Gut flora stabilizers: Bacillus subtilis C-3102 (DSM 15544) min. 1 x 109 cfu. Analytical constituents: crude protein 27.7%, crude fat 16.5%, crude fibre 3.0%, crude ash 6.5%, moisture 10.0%.

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