Aquaforest Power Elixir
Aquaforest Power Elixir
Aquaforest Power Elixir
Aquaforest Power Elixir

Aquaforest Power Elixir

Aminokisline in vitamini za spodbujanje obarvanosti in rasti koral.
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Aquaforest Power Elixir


Complex formula designed to fulfill the needs of eventhe most demanding corals. Based on years of aquaristic experience we reached aperfect balance between amino acids and precious vitamins. The product isdedicated for the dosing pumps and due to the highest quality compounds, itdoesn’t need to be shaken, diluted or refrigerated. It doesn’t contain any reefharmful substances, and due to the rich formula, it significantly acceleratesgrowth of corals. Contains biotin, alanine, glutamine, leucine, lysine andserine. Supports photosynthesis and keeps corals in a perfect shape. Enrichingthe formula with a set of specially selected vitamins guarantees the intensecoloration, and by providing the aquarium inhabitants with continuous access tothe highest-quality nutrients, it guarantees their healthy functioning. Due toits unique composition, it provides corals with the optimal dose of nutrients,providing them with ideal conditions for development.


Why is it so important?

Amino acids are the building block of proteins. This means that without them,corals cannot build tissue. Therefore, for the healthy growth and properfunctioning of cells, it is necessary to provide the right amount of aminoacids. Thanks to them, the corals will get more vivid coloration and strongerpolyp extensions.


How to provide corals the right amino acids?

In the natural environment, corals derive them from food, similarly, in aclosed aquarium system, amino acids should be provided with food. Regular dosing of the right mixture of amino acids and vitamins ensures that the corals are kept in great condition.


Dosage: 4 ml/100 l of aquarium water with an average coral stocking. Itdoesn’t require prior preparation. Ready to use after opening the product, justconnect it to the dosing pump. In case of manual dosing, pour the wholerecommended dose into the aquarium. Keep in mind that each aquarium is different and the dosage may also vary depending on the coral stock. We recommend starting the use of supplements and foods from half the dose (even 1/4) and observing the corals and their reactions to the administered food. Once the corals are responding well and the aquarium shows no signs of overdosing, we recommend increasing feeding  to the target dose.


  • plug'n'play does not require diluting, preparing or shaking
  • does not contain harmful preservatives
  • very efficient - easy and convenient to use
  • a new, improved formula compared to other supplements
  • improves polyp extension, coloration, growth of tissues and skeletons
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