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ATI Sun Power DIMM

ATI Sun Power DIMM

Napredna T5 konzola z možnostjo regulacije.
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408,99 €

ATI Sun Power


The Sunpower offers the best price-performance ratio. As also in the high-end model Power Module join our proven reflectors and active cooling is used.

Our Sunpower had always known for their exceptional output. To leave by the optics nothing to be desired, this modern technology has now been combined with an attractive design.

The result was the new Sunpower, which is characterized by its flat design in a stainless steel look and a timeless elegant style.

But not only the attractive design has it in itself. The true potential hides the Sunpower inside. So an improved air conduction was realized by extensive testing, which led to a further increase in the efficiency of light as a result.

For the exceptionally level of lighting performance of Sunpower also proper calculated individual reflectors of high-tech materials are alongside the improved temperature management but responsible. This high quality reflector material (98% total light reflection), which is currently almost exclusively found in ATI lights, resulting in an up to 10% higher light output compared to high-gloss aluminum reflectors, which otherwise are usually anfindet in T5 luminaires. A decoupled by vibration absorber fan provides for a nearly noiseless operation. TÜV checked steel wire suspensions allow infinite adjustment of the lamp in height and tilt. A plexiglass window offers the required splash protection and can be easily remove from the side. At the factory each Sunpower is split into two channels, which can be separate tube groups (eg blue tubes) easily switch.

The new Sunpower united so many useful features with superior light output and an appealing design.



  • Unmatched light output ratio due to the use of the world’s best reflector material and a targeted heat dissipation for maximum lamp performance.
  • Easy operation thanks infinitely adjustable rope suspension in height and inclination, easily removable splash guard disc and separate control of lamp groups.
  • Fair prices, despite the use of partly expensive components (for example, high-tech reflector material). You will always find an honest and fair price with us.
  • High security through large splash plate, Participate steel cable suspensions and the use of sophisticated components (sockets, ECG,…).
  • No disturbing glare, since the entire light power is deflected downward.



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