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FD food

Tropical Red Mico 100 ml
Liofilizirane rdeče trzače.
Price with VAT:
4,94 €
Tropical Tubi Cubi 100 ml
Liofilizirani tubifeksi.
Price with VAT:
3,39 €
Tropical FD Brine Shrimp 100 ml
Liofilizirana artemija.
Price with VAT:
4,16 €
Tropical Dafnia vitaminised 100 ml
Posušene vodne bolhe Daphnia z dodatkom vitaminov.
Price with VAT:
2,12 €
Tropical Dafnia natural 100 ml
Posušene vodne bolhe Dafnia.
Price with VAT:
1,93 €
Tropical FD Calanus
100% naravni morski zooplankton, ki velja za super-hranilo nove dobe akvaristike.
Old price with VAT:
11,38 €
Discount price with VAT:
7,96 €
Biom FD Artemia 500 ml
Kakovostni lofilizirani solinski rakci (Artemia salina).
Price with VAT:
7,71 €
Biom FD Tubifex 500 ml
Kakovostni lofilizirani tubifexi (Tubifex tubifex).
Price with VAT:
6,12 €
Biom FD Chironomus 500 ml
Kakovostne lofilizirane larve rdečih trzač (Chironomus sp.).
Price with VAT:
8,54 €
Biom FD Daphnia 500 ml
Kakovostne lofilizirane vodne bolhe (Daphnia sp.).
Price with VAT:
2,91 €
Tropical Meal worms 250ml
Sušene larve mokarjev.
Price with VAT:
3,92 €
Tropical Gammarus
Posušene postranice.
Price with VAT:
from 3,42 €
Tropical Dried Fish 250ml
Sušene ribe.
Price with VAT:
2,54 €
Tropical Crickets 250ml
Posušeni črički (Acheta domesticus).
Price with VAT:
6,81 €
Biom Breeder Pack XXL
Liofilizirana hrana in Spirulina v večjih pakiranjih za gojitelje.
Price with VAT:
from 11,63 €
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