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DVH All-in-One Biopellets -NP 500 ml

DVH All-in-One Biopellets -NP 500 ml

Izboljšani peleti iz čistega bio-polimera za izredno hitro in učinkovito odstranjevanje nitrata in fosfata.
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DVH All-in-One Biopellets -NP


Uporaba: postopoma dodajajte 35-145 g peletov za 100 L vode, nekaj novih pelet dodate starim po cca. 3-6 mesecih.

All-In-One Biopellets (Patent Pending), which can be used to more efficiently remove both Nitrogen (5x) as well as Phosphates (10x-20x) without the need of using separate phosphate removing substrates.


The positive effects of NP-reducing BioPellets on water quality are based on the principle of immobilization. Waste products from the water, mainly nitrate and phosphate, are converted into bacteria. This keeps the aquarium water clean. The new formula All-In-One Biopellets are composed of highly purified compounds, to ensure the save use of our products in marine tanks occupied by sensitive and precious animals such as corals, invertebrates, fish etc…


The pellets will allow aerobic growth of bacteria which consequently will consume nitrate and phosphate simultaneously. The bacteria will use up the carbon from the All-In-One Biopellets, whilst nitrogen and phosphorus are taken from the water as nitrate and (ortho)phosphate. This conversion of organic BioPellets (together with inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus) into microbial biomass is called immobilization. In contrast to our “old” Biopellets, we have observed that the All-In-One Biopellets work best with very high water flow. For example, a 700 liter tank with a fluidized filter containing 2 liter of All-In-One Biopellets already requires a minimal flow through of 2000-3000 l/h. On Note, this particular tank contains approximately 50 fish and after 10 months of testing both nitrates and phosphates were undetectable with standard nitrate and phosphate kits.


The surplus of bacteria will be consumed by filter and suspension feeding organisms, such as sponges and corals, or skimmed off by a protein skimmer. In addition, with a high feeding regime, we advise to use a simple filter sponge on the outlet of your fluidized filter to remove excess of bacteria which will otherwise cloud your water slightly.


On average the All-In-One Biopellets takes 1-4 weeks to give rise to sufficient bacteria to allow nitrate and phosphate levels to drop. Importantly, allow your aquarium inhabitants to adjust to their new environment by slowly increasing the level of BioPellets over a period of several weeks. Add extra pellets every 3-6 months dependent on Biopellet consumption and levels of NO3 and PO4.

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