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Giesemann Pulzar G-3 Tropic

Giesemann Pulzar G-3 Tropic

Nova generacija Pulzar LED konzol.
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Giesemann Pulzar G-3 Tropic


Best in class - far above average ! Waterproof (IP68), available in numerous lengths and with the highest light output in its class, PULZAR G3 sets new standards. Especially in aquariums, where several light bars often have to be installed to provide sufficient light, a single PULZAR G3 module is usually sufficient. Light modules, also for operation in aquarium covers, offer flexible and expandable options.


The new standard

The newly developed aluminium housing now shines in a noble anthracite anodised finish with a finely brushed surface.
Each light module is anodised individually so that all cut edges are protected against corrosion. The entire light body serves as a cooling element for optimal temperature control of the now even more powerful LED. Despite the same compact dimensions, many details inside the light have been revised.


Fascinating light output

PULZAR LED modules have always had the highest light output on the market. With the new PULZAR G3, we have been able to increase this performance even further..
The new mid-power LEDs from NICHIA are used, whereby the white LEDs achieve a light output of 220 lumens per watt - this is twice as much light as many other LED systems with the same energy input. A special diffuser disc ensures that the individual light colours are mixed and that the light is emitted evenly to the aquarium. At the same time, it protects the light module from heavy soiling and thus from a decrease in luminous intensity.


Well thought out down to the last detail

The new PULZAR G-3 has many clever detail solutions.
The mounting options above the aquarium leave nothing to be desired. The variable mounting rail in the housing is used both for insertion into the SPHERA aquarium cover, whereby the SPHERA profile simultaneously serves as additional cooling, and for holding various mounting components.
Whether freely suspended above the aquarium on steel wires or mounted on the aquarium with attachment brackets, almost every application has been thought of. With the help of the optionally available mounting slides, even two PULZAR G3 can be connected to each other, allowing light lengths of up to 3 metres.


TWO OPTIONS - tropic & marine

We dispense with numerous variants and offer the optimum light for every application with just two versions - each version already contains the perfectly matched light spectrum.

PULZAR G3 tropic
The unique LED configuration of the tropic version has been tested in numerous practical tests and continuously improved. The result is a light spectrum composed of different LED colours that ensures optimal plant growth and successfully prevents the formation of algae. The very high light output also guarantees the sustainable growth of very light-sensitive ground covers and makes the PULZAR G3 tropic the ideal light source for all aquascaping aquariums.

PULZAR G3 marine
The marine version of the new PULZAR G-3 has a spectrum that maximises both colour rendering and coral fluorescence. The use of different blue LEDs, including violet and UV, which are grouped into 3 user-controlled groups, enables fascinating light effects and healthy coral growth, even for demanding SPS and LPS. The high light output of the PULZAR G-3 thus guarantees successful reef aquaristics even in closed aquarium covers.


Comfortably controllable

Each PULZAR G3 already has the optimum light spectrum for the specific application.
For individual adaptation, these can be connected to our newly developed Light-Control Interfaces simply by "plug and play" and thus enable the realistic simulation of sunrises and sunsets as well as numerous weather simulations. The three individual light groups can be controlled individually in terms of both colour selection and intensity.



  • light body made of seawater-resistant aluminium
  • Brushed anthracite anodised surface
  • Passive cooling through appropriately calculated luminaire design
  • Waterproof to IP68 with integrated silicone seals
  • Biologically optimally coordinated colour spectra
  • Diffuser glass for homogeneous, glare-free light distribution
  • External 24 volt power supply unit with overvoltage protection
  • White LED up to 220 lumens per watt
  • End caps made of glass fibre reinforced ABS with guide grooves
  • Use of professional full spectrum mid power LED
  • Ultra slim housing with dimensions width*height = 55x23 mm
  • Tropic Version with long-term tested, optimal plant spectrum
  • Marine Version with special LED in the UV and violet range
  • Waterproof cable gland with bend protection
  • Suitable for installation in covers
  • 4-pole quick disconnect coupling
  • Cable length light 150 cm, cable length power supply 100 cm
  • Guide rail for mounting brackets and holders
  • Fully insertable into the SPHERA light profile
  • Optionally various mounting options
  • 3 separate channels individually controllable
  • (Controllers available next time)
  • Of course, the PULZAR LED module is also manufactured exclusively by Giesemann in Germany. During development, we placed great emphasis on high light output, long service life and minimal power consumption.
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