Hanna Marine Salinity Tester
Hanna Marine Salinity Tester
Hanna Marine Salinity Tester
Hanna Marine Salinity Tester
Hanna Marine Salinity Tester
Hanna Marine Salinity Tester

Hanna Marine Salinity Tester

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Hanna Marine Salinity Tester


Our new HI-98319 waterproof salinity and temperature tester is perfect for any saltwater aquarium. A more accurate alternative to refractometers, this tester uses conductivity to determine salinity levels of natural and artificial seawater. Ideal for testing salinity in salt water aquariums, it is quick and easy to use and provides digital readout of both salinity and temperature.

Salinity results are displayed in either parts per thousand (ppt), Practical Salinity Units (PSU), or Specific Gravity (SG).

Our marine salinity tester is supplied complete with batteries and solutions allowing you to start measuring right away. Also displays temperature.


This pocket sized meter is waterproof and perfect for the measurement of salinity aquariums using conductivity to determine the salinity level of your water.

Salinity should be checked regularly in aquariums. As Oceans are very stable environments, where there is not a lot of day to day change in the water parameters, fish can respond negatively to even small changes in salinity.


Each meter is supplied with:

  • CR2032 battery (installed)
  • Storage/protection shield
  • Instruction manual
  • Quality certificate
  • 35.00 ppt calibration standard sachet (x 4)


Care and Maintenance

  • To obtain the highest accuracy for measurements, it is important to follow these guidelines:
  • Calibration is only as good as the solution being used. Fresh solution should be used for each calibration
  • The probe should be rinsed with purified water each time before placing in calibration solution or sample to be tested
  • Recommended solution: HI-70024P Calibration Solution 35.00ppt, 25 x 20ml sachets



  • Range:
    ppt0.0 to 70.0 ppt (g/L)
    PSU0.0 to 70.0 PSU
    Temperature0.0 to 50.0 °C/32.0 to 122.0°F
  • Resolution
    ppt0.1 ppt (g/L)
    PSU0.1 PSU
    Temperature0.1 °C/1 °F
  • Accuracy
    ppt±1.0 ppt for 0.0 to 40.0 ppt; ±2.0 ppt for 40.0 to 70.0 ppt
    PSU±1.0 PSU for 0.0 to 40.0 PSU; ±2.0 PSU for 40.0 to 70.0 PSU
    Temperature±0.5 °C (±1.0 °F)
  • Method
    pptInternational Oceanographic Tables, 1966
    PSUStandard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 2520 B, Electrical Conductivity Method
    S.G.Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 2520 C, Density Method
  • Calibration SolutionHI-70024 (35.00 ppt)
  • CalibrationAutomatic, single point 35.00 ppt
  • Temperature CompensationAutomatic from 5 to 50.0 °C
  • Environment0 to 50°C; RH max 100%
  • Battery TypeCR2032 3V Li-ion (1)
  • Battery LifeApproximately 100 hours of continuous use
  • Weight68g without battery
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