Kessil A360X Refugium

Kessil A360X Refugium

Kompaktna LED konzola za refugij s pametnih upravljanjem.
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Kessil A360X Refugium


The Kessil A360X. Low Profile. Advanced Color Control. Smart Communication.

Kessil`s widely popular A360X series has now introduced a new model --the A360X Refugium-- designed specifically for growing soft corals, macroalgaes, flowering plants, and terrestrial plants in a refugium setting.

Created for use in harsh sump environments, the new A360X Refugium is water-resistant and includes a complimentary Kessil Narrow Reflector to prevent unwanted light spillage.

The A360X Refugium is also compatible with the Kessil WiFi Dongle and the Spectral Controller X (both sold separately), so you can daisy-chain it to your main tank lights and program each independently for seamless control from a single source.

Superior Illumination

Blue Spectrum
The Blue spectrum quickly develops the frame of a plant during every stage by promoting prolific stem extension. Use this for refugiums with predominantly soft corals (pulsing xenia, etc).

Grow Spectrum
The Grow spectrum is designed to produce all-around vegetative growth through the life cycles of many different Macroalgaes. Use this for refugiums with mostly macroalgae (including, but not limited to, cheato, caulerpa, gracilaria, and dragon breath).

Bloom Spectrum
The Bloom spectrum boosts yield by encouraging plentiful flowering during the plants crucial reproductive stage. Use this to promote growth in any flowering plants.

Red Spectrum
The Red spectrum is designed for tissue culture and cloning by producing maximum root growth at any point in a plant`s life cycle. During the finishing stage, the red spectrum also increases the plant’s productivity and the quality of the harvest. This wavelength is mostly used for terrestrial plant growth.

Daylight Mode
A pure white channel used for illuminating your sump during cleanings or taking photos.

Green Light Mode
Use the green light to monitor plants without disrupting the plant`s growth cycle.


Increased Durability
Designed for the harsh sump environments, the A360X Refugium is water-resistant.

Vortex Fan
Our innovative heat management system enhances longevity and cooling efficiency.

Dense Matrix LED
Our densely-packed LED array emits more high-quality light than competing fixtures.


Compatible with the Kessil WiFi Dongle and the Spectral Controller X. Daisy-chain your A360X Refugium to your main tank lights and program it independently for seamless control from a single source.

Manual Mode
Instantly tune color and intensity for on-demand light customization.

Quick Set
Program your A360X Refugium to come on at night after your tank lights go off.

Daylight Mode
Quickly change to Daylight mode to view your Refugium in white light for viewing or cleaning.


Kessil Narrow Reflector
The A360X Refugium includes a Narrow Reflector that will prevent unwanted light spillage in your sump. The Narrow Reflector attachment increases the penetration of the light up to 5 feet and reduces spread to 24"x 24" from the standard 36" x 36".

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