Oase HighLine 400

Oase HighLine 400

Inovativen akvarijski set. Nova serija 2019!
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Fascination – underwater world
Luminous colourful fish cavort blithely. Exotic plants wave gently back and forth. Now and then an air bubble rises. The magic and calming presence of an intact underwater world is virtually irresistible. With their well thought-out, discrete design, the OASE HighLine aquariums without visible technology charmingly fit into every residential landscape and at the same time they are real eye-catchers. Start your personal expedition into the underwater world now and discover the OASE HighLine aquariums with sophisticated features.


Highly innovative with invisible technology
Gazing into an aquarium takes you to a different world. State-of-the-art technology that functions without impairing the enchanting view is demanded. With the OASE HighLine aquariums hoses, cables and filters disappear in the stylish base cabinet. Optimal illumination via LED beautifully sets the stage for life in the aquarium.


Top product characteristics

  • Hidden technology thanks to the dry shaft and filter intake tubing.
  • Individually configurable base cabinet with practical drawers.
  • Outstanding quality and fascinating design.


Simple setup
The stable metal feet are easily accessible at any time through the cabinet interior. They ensure safe and optimal stability of the aquarium.


Modern and contemporary illumination: Choose between Classic LED and Premium LED. The optimally tuned light spectrum ensures good plant growth and showcases the contents of the aquarium.


Pull-out shelf
The base cabinet is equipped with a pull-out shelf for the external filter. Ideal in combination with the BioMaster external filter, as you can easily reach the EasyClean pre-filter module for cleaning.


Five different aquarium sizes (125 / 175 / 200 / 300 / 400).


Linear furniture design – available in three different decors.


Aluminium cover that can be completely opened, aluminium effect strip to cover the gravel and water edge.


Effectively concealed
A dry shaft, as well as floor openings, enable hidden connection of the filter. Installation accessories, hoses and cables are effectively concealed.


Feeding made easy
Feeding flap facilitates distribution of fish food – ideal in conjunction with the FishGuard automatic feeder.


Base cabinet with handleless doors and an aluminium strip.


Can be equipped with one or two concealed drawers for convenient storage space (from 200 l).


Adjustable feet for optimal stability.


Convenient installation
Tubing for connecting the filter is included in the scope of delivery.

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