Reef Factory Dosing Pump PRO
Reef Factory Dosing Pump PRO
Reef Factory Dosing Pump PRO
Reef Factory Dosing Pump PRO

Reef Factory Dosing Pump PRO

Dozirna črpalka za natančno in zanesljivo doziranje.
Cena z DDV:
220,00 €


Dosing pump Pro


Pro - modern technology combined with a user friendly approach. 


What distinguishes the Dosing pump Pro from Reef Factory is the quality of workmanship and modern technology combined with proven reliable dosing pump technology.


Technical specifications:

●      accuracy: +/- 0.01 ml

●      recommended single dose: 0,01 ml

●      number of pumps heads included: 1

●      remote management capability: YES via Smart Reef

●      dose percentage increase function

●      Extra amount adding in time feature

●      Quick configuration

●      multiple pumps group option

●      level liquid container indicator with alarms

●      dosing history 

●      schedule import / export

●      manual dose

●      Stepper motor

●      Maximum 24 dose per day

●      Dosing days schedule


The Dosing pump Pro has been designed specifically for the small amounts dosing demand of marine aquarium hobby. The Dosing pump Pro from Reef Factory allows you to efficiently manage the dispensing of liquids into a marine aquarium. The functionality exceeds the capability of what other  products on the market provide and the product is being constantly developed. In the  future through intuitive updates, the Dosing pumps Pro will be enriched with user suggestions and new Smart reef system integrations.


Pump management:

The pump is controlled by an advanced and intuitive Smart reef system, which is available through your  browser and application on your  phone or tablet. Intuitive control + functionality adapted to marine aquariums.

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