Tropic Marin Lipo-Garlic

Tropic Marin Lipo-Garlic

Tonik za krepitev odpornosti in pomoč pri boju zoper bolezni in parazite.
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Tropic Marin Lip-Garlic 


Tropic Marin® Lipo-Garlic is a high-quality mixture of selected oils for use as a food supplement and contains highly unsaturated fatty acids of marine oils as well as garlic as an active ingredient.

Garlic has a demonstrably beneficial effect, during bacterial illnesses among fish, and enhances the attractiveness of food for many marine fish. Marine oils improve the utilization of food and consequently reduce the levels of nitrates and phosphates in the water. The highly unsaturated fatty acids, contained in the oils, are an essential food component for fish and increase their resistance to stress.


  • Garlic extract increases the attractiveness of food

  • Carotinoids intensify the natural colours of fish, increase the readiness to spawn and fertility as well as improving hatching results

  • Pantothenic acid boosts the immune system and reduces mortality among young fish

  • Vitamins C and E protect the cells

  • Suitable for fish and crustaceans

  • A liquid solution and therefore easy to add to the aquarium


Ingredients: Fish oil 49.6 %, cod liver oil 28.5 %.

Additives: Paprika oleoresin 6.6 %, garlic oil 10 %, soya lecithin 2.8 %, palmity-L ascorbic acid 1.9 %, vitamin E 0.3 %,

panthenyl ethyl ether 0.3 %.

Analysis: 99 % crude oils and lipids.

Calorific value: 38900 kJ/kg



We recommend supplementing the fish food with Tropic Marin® Lipo-Garlic at the rate of 5–10% of the dry solids. This corresponds approximately to the addition of 5 to 10 drops on a level teaspoon (5 ml) of granulated food or a level dessert spoon (15 ml) of flaked or frozen food.

Mix Tropic Marin® Lipo-Garlic with the food and allow to soak in well.


Store in a cool, dark place.


Pakiranje: 50 ml

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