Tropical Biorept Supreme Adult

Tropical Biorept Supreme Adult

Mehka hrana s probiotiki in zelišči za odrasle vodne želve.
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Tropical Biorept Supreme Adult


• food with the addition of probiotic for adult semi-aquatic turtles, including Trachemys, Pseudemys, Mauremys, Ocadia, Malaclemys, Clemmys, Kinosternon, Sternotherus, Claudius

• soft texture resembles foods that turtles eat in the wild

• probiotic in the form of viable endospores of Bacillus subtilis bacteria stabilizes intestinal microflora and improves food utilisation, reducing unpleasant odour of feces and water pollution

• optimal protein, fat and fibre levels are in line with dietary preferences of adult semi-aquatic turtles, which keeps them in excellent condition

• narrowleaf plantain and dandelion provide valuable plant substances that have a positive effect on turtles' bodies

• Hermetia illucens larvae are a source of amino acids, which are essential for turtles, and calcium and phosphorus in a favourable ratio not found in other insects

• the exceptional aroma of fish, crustaceans (shrimps 8%, krill 2%) and molluscs (squid 3%) encourages turtles to eat

• adequate calcium to phosphorus ratio (2:1), and rich content of vitamin, micro- and macroelements prevents development of rickets

• astaxanthin added to the food stimulate natural coloration in turtles

• food can be successfully fed to large omnivorous fish


Pakiranje: 250 ml

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