Tropical Vigorept Multivit

Tropical Vigorept Multivit

Dodatek k prehrani z vitamini in prebiotiki.
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D3 + K + prebiotics

• vitamin-mineral mix, which simply and effectively provides vitamins D3 and K and other valuable biologically active substances, which are essential in the diet of reptiles and amphibians
• if used regularly with VIGOREPT MINERAL, it ensures proper growth and development
• supports the absorption of calcium from the digestive tract and regulates its metabolism in the body
• prevents bone and shell deformations (MBD) in reptiles and amphibians, as well as other dangerous effects of vitamins and minerals deficiency
• prevents shell deformations in turtles
• contains a high and yet safe amount of vitamins D3 and K
• vitamin D3 determines the absorption of calcium from food to blood while vitamin K is responsible for calcium resorption from blood to bone
• contains beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant and a safe source of vitamin A
• contains prebiotics, including beta-glucan and chicory root inulin – natural immune stimulators that increase digestibility, vitality and defense against infection
• thanks to the presence of spirulina, chlorella and kelp algae, it provides many essential amino acids, fatty acids and highly absorbable microelements
• the form of micronized powder ensures good adhesion of the product to the surface of food insects and plant foods

In terrarium conditions, the quality and length of UVB exposure is not always sufficient to ensure the production of satisfactory amount of vitamin D3. This is why supplements are so important in the diet of reptiles, because they complement their diet with essential vitamins and minerals.


Pakiranje: 70 g

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