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TropiCat Sterilised 2 kg

TropiCat Sterilised 2 kg

Izjemna briketirana hrana za sterilizirane mačke.
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15,05 €

TropiCat Sterilised


Food for sterilised and overweight cats with tasty chicken, greaves, rice, peas, split peas, salmon oil, chicory and cranberries.


Sterilisation leads to many hormonal changes in the cat’s body. Energy requirement decreases, but the appetite is growing. That is why neutered cats have a tendency to put on weight. What is more, sterilised cats can have some urinary tract health issue, such as struvite crystals. To help cats maintain general health and optimal condition and let them play and run cheerfully, we should provide them with food that suits their needs. Excellent quality of raw materials will encourage even most fussy cat to eat. 


Weight Control
Adapted protein and fat levels help to maintain ideal body weight and muscle mass. Food enriched with L-carnitine, which helps better use the energy provided with food and reuse energy stored in the body.


Urinary Health
Optimal content of minerals, including magnesium and sodium, and cranberries additive support urinary health.


Hairball Reduction
Unique combination of fibre, such as fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and cellulose, helps to remove hairballs from the cat's gastrointestinal tract.


Dental Care
Sodium polyphosphate helps to reduce dental tartar and maintain healthy and clean teeth.

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