Tunze MAR 3182

Tunze MAR 3182

Algni reaktor za akvarije prostornine do 1600 L.
Cena z DDV:
660,70 €

Tunze Macro Algae Reactor 3182


The Macro Algae Reactor MAR 3182 is specially constructed to cultivate algae in seawater and plants in freshwater.
Chaetomorpha "Spaghetti Algae" is cultured by many marine aquarists to eliminate nitrates and phosphates from the aquatic biotope. It is absolutely sufficient to harvest a handful of algae from time to time to maintain the biological balance in an aquarium – an economical and easy alternative to many chemicals or resins.
Naja Grass, Najas guadalupensis, can be grown to purify freshwater systems,
such as cichlid biotopes.
TUNZE® MAR 3182 can be placed in any filter basin or next to the aquarium without external filter technology.
The water circulation in the reactor ensures the rotation of the algae culture and thus reduces the number of light sources accompanied by strong plant growth. However, additional light sources can be added to the device as needed. 


Functions of the TUNZE® algae reactor MAR 3182:

  • Cultivation of algae in seawater and plants in freshwater
  • Biological detoxification of ecosystems by algae / plants
  • Reduction of nitrate and phosphate content
  • Filtration of the aquarium water
  • Production of food supplement for fish
  • Zooplankton refuge, serving as food for corals and fish
  • Enrichment of the water with oxygen
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