Eheim Aquastar 54 LED
Eheim Aquastar 54 LED
Eheim Aquastar 54 LED
Eheim Aquastar 54 LED
Eheim Aquastar 54 LED
Eheim Aquastar 54 LED
Eheim Aquastar 54 LED
Eheim Aquastar 54 LED

Eheim Aquastar 54 LED

Napreden akvarij z odlično LED razsvetljavo, filtrom in grelcem.
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128,10 €


With EHEIM aquastar 54 LED you have our best small complete set including additional advantages, which is perfect for someone starting the hobby.

Like all EHEIM complete sets aquastar 54 LED offers you all what you need as basic equipment. You can immediately start with this set-up and later customize it as your nurture your hobby. Furthermore you have special ad-vantages: Up to 20% more energy efficiency with our LED lighting, the light color is ideal for plants and aquarium inhabitants. The flat cover can be completely open or removed and the LED lamp can be shifted for mainte-nance and service work.  Other advantages are the practical lid openings that are suitable for the installation of an automatic feeder as well as ease of access.   As always, you get a product that is made out of high quality components and we feel we’ve outdone ourselves for a starter kit!

Advantages of the EHEIM complete aquarium sets aquastar 54 LED:

  • Tank size 54 l– ideal for beginners
  • Clear design, high quality clear glass, best workmanship
  • Decor available in white or black
  • Bottom trim that improves the appearance
  • Slim cover design (height only 30 mm)
  • Cover can be open completely for maintenance and service work (fold-able); LED can easily be shifted.
  • The food lid also serves as handle and can be removed any time for automatic feeder (EHEIM autofeeder).
  • Energy efficient LED lighting 12 W, daylight (6.500 K)(20 % energy saving in comparison with T8 fluorescent tubes with 15 W)
  • Complete set including high-quality equipment: EHEIM internal filter pickup 60, EHEIM adjustable heater 50 W, EHEIM Thermometer


All aquastar sets are suited for use in combination with the cabinet kit “aquaduo“.


Dimenzije: 61 x 31 x 32 cm

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