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EHEIM clearscape 200
EHEIM clearscape 200
EHEIM clearscape 200
EHEIM clearscape 200
EHEIM clearscape 200
EHEIM clearscape 200
EHEIM clearscape 200
EHEIM clearscape 200

EHEIM clearscape 200

Najnaprednejši akvarijski komplet v svojem razredu.
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Cena z DDV:
746,64 €


EHEIM clearscape perfectly sets the scene for your underwater world.

With EHEIM clearscape you will create an elegant eye-catching centrepiece within your living area. The tank is made of the purest white glass with transparent silicone joints. It gives you a clear view of the underwater landscape in the tank and allows you to enjoy the full undistorted spectrum of colours of the animals and plants.
The striking cabinet comes in black, has handle less doors and additional openings on the sides for cables and hoses. This elegant design comes in two distinct styles: You decide whether you want red highlighted edges on the cabinet doors as a striking statement or the more elegant plain version. With the ability to turn the doors, you can place the highlighted edge either at the top or at the bottom. Nothing stands in the way of your individual style.

Features and benefits of the EHEIM clearscape aquarium set

  • Open aquarium set without cover and lighting
  • Ideal for designing an underwater landscape (aquascaping)
  • Built with purest white glass for clear, unadulterated transparency
  • No disturbing struts in the aquarium
  • Diamond-ground, highly polished edges
  • Aquarium glued together with transparent silicone
  • Almost invisible seams finished to a very high standard
  • Strong stable cabinet with a scope for different style combinations
  • High quality workmanship
  • Surface in textured black (Nero)
  • Handle-less doors with soft-close "push to open" door hinge technology 
  • Red highlighted edge can be placed or removed by turning the doors
  • Door fastening with magnetic snaps
  • Plenty of space inside for filters and accessories
  • Side surface with concealed openings for cables and hoses (alternatively to passage through the rear wall)
  • The extensive EHEIM accessories range is available for lighting, filter technology etc.
  • Tank clearTank“ and cabinet “clearCab“ also available separately 
  • Comes in four sizes: 73, 175, 200, 300 l
  • Made in Germany
  • 3 year warranty

Tehnični podatki Eheim ClearScape 200:

  • Prostornina: 200 L
  • Debelina stekla: 10 mm
  • Dolžina akvarija: 90 cm
  • Širina akvarija: 50 cm
  • Višina akvarija: 45 cm
  • Skupna višina z omarico: 115 cm

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