EHEIM incpiria 330
EHEIM incpiria 330
EHEIM incpiria 330
EHEIM incpiria 330
EHEIM incpiria 330
EHEIM incpiria 330
EHEIM incpiria 330
EHEIM incpiria 330
EHEIM incpiria 330
EHEIM incpiria 330

EHEIM incpiria 330

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2.025,20 €


Eheim Incpiria


With the EHEIM Incpiria you have a real gem - in both form and function.

If you enjoy classical modern furniture, then the incpiria’s clean lines - with a deliberate absence of decorative accessories and a choice of high gloss (alpine and graphite) or modern wooden cabinets, characterize its subtle chic.  The incpiria is available in four sizes, all 60cm deep, to allow ample space for landscaping your underwater world.  Atmospheric lighting in the cabinet as well as the convenient black glass sliding covers, internal LED lighting, an integrated shaft for hoses, cables and installations, makes the incpiria additionally attractive.


Quality and practical use combined in an elegant design 

The well thought out design, quality materials and impeccable workmanship make the EHEIM incpiria not only an elegant addition to any room but also a practical system for demanding aquarium enthusiasts.

  • The aquarium tanks are 60 cm deep so there is ample space for plants and decoration.
  • The aquarium cover, made of high-quality black glass, can be simply moved to one side (and removed) for care and cleaning. 
  • Hoses and power cables are hidden by both an integrated supply shaft and a concealed hole in the base of the aquarium, ensuring the aquarium looks good from both sides and can be used as a room divider.
  • High-quality, distortion-free float glass with diamond-cut glass and mirror-welded edges provides a clear view of the underwater world and ensures maximum safety. Concealed reinforcements add additional stability to the tank.
  • The cabinet is stable, solidly built and well designed to support the combined weight of the filled aquarium.
  • Both the high-gloss and the modern wooden cabinets look elegant but are also very hard-wearing. 
  • Another eye-catching feature is the remote-controlled atmospheric lighting in the cabinet (dimmable, 640.000 colours, 20 automatic programmes).


Tehnični podatki Eheim incpiria 330:

  • Prostornina: 330 L
  • Debelina stekla: 10 mm
  • Razsvetljava: Eheim PowerLED 1x 26,1 W + 1 x 29,8 W LED
  • Višina akvarija: 65 cm 
  • Širina akvarija: 100 cm
  • Globina akvarija: 60 cm
  • Višina akvarija z omarico: 144 cm
  • Akvarij s sestavljeno omarico
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