Tunze Stream 3

Revolucionarna tokovna črpalka priznanega proizvajalca Tunze.
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Tunze Stream 3


The Turbelle® stream 3 precisely addresses the wishes of today's aquaristics industry. It is also compact, powerful, versatile, and moreover absolutely quiet thanks to its special magnetic-bearing pump drive. The stream 3 is energy efficient and has a warranty period of 5 years!

In 2002 TUNZE® presented a propeller-equipped circulation pump, and through this coined the name for a type of pump: The Turbelle® stream. Since then, TUNZE® has accomplished major developments in this area. The Turbelle® stream 3 is a completely new kind of circulation pump for small and large aquariums. With its innovative design, it can integrate almost invisibly into every aquarium. Thanks to the new magnetic-bearing pump drive, its superior feature lies in the completely silent operation - even at higher power levels. With a consumption of just 3.5 to 50 W, its performance can be set between 2,500 (660 USgal./h) to 15,000 l/h (3,962 USgal./h). It is delivered with the Turbelle® controller and a 5 m cable to the pump. The silence Magnet Holder ensures a fixation on every point of the aquarium glass pane up to a glass thickness of 15 mm (2/3"). The 0.8 Hz FishCare function prevents injuries to fish or other living animals. Every 24 hours, the pump automatically performs an 8-second backflushing operation with a capacity of 30%. The glass thickness can be expanded up to 19 mm (3/4 in.) for larger aquariums (accessory).
Now the new flow rectifier facilitates an additional flow length of more than 3 meters (118 in.) – ideal for long aquariums!



  • The Turbelle® controller is a device which is used to set the variable pump performance, wave motion simulation, oscillation flow, Foodtimer, etc.
  • Adjustable and removable flow deflector, in order to 
  • precisely adapt the flow to the aquarium. Through this, the stream 3 can also be arranged vertically and discreetly in a corner deeper in the aquarium.
  • Highly resistant polyurethane cable (5 m).
  • The acoustically optimized low-frequency propeller provides the best possible hydraulic performance.
  • The large intake strainer with massive locking hooks (snap fits), is easy to 
  • remove, and can be fitted with a protective grating for small animals, 
  • anemones, etc.
  • Hybrid support comprised of a suction cup and magnet.
  • Vibration decoupling through silicone buffers.
  • Microprocessor-controlled motor with an intelligent operating condition monitoring and highly efficient power electronics.
  • Operating time counter with LED-interface.
  • Magnetic bearing for a contact-free radial support which neutralizes motor noises.
  • The bearing is made of technical ceramics and high-performance plastic.
  • Durable outer housing in a high-gloss finish.
  • Intake opening for an optimal rotor cooling.
  • 5-years warranty!


For aquariums up to 3,000 liters.
Circulation performance: 2,500 l/h to 15,000 l/h
With Turbelle® controller
Energy consumption: from 3.5 to max. 50 W
Power supply: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Cable length: 5 m
Dimensions (L x W x H): 93 x 70.6 x 184 mm 
Silence Magnet Holder up to a glass thickness of 15 mm
With flow deflector, protective grating and new flow rectifier

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